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International Education Society
ProfessionLegal Adviser

DegreeProfessional bachelors degree

SpecializationLegal Provision for Transport Service
Legal Provision for Real Estate Market
Legal Provision for Small and Middle-sized Business

Type of studiesFull-time

Duration of studiesFull-time – 4 years
Part-time – 5 years

Cost of studiesMonthly instalments in accordance with payment schedule


General course of lectures
Philosophy, Learning Methods, Foreign Language, Office Work, History of Latvian Culture, History of Foreign Law, Social Psychology, European Integration, Business Economics, Political Science, Business Accounting

Special course of lectures
Theory of Law, Science of State, History of Latvian Law, Constitutional Law, the European Union Law, Administrative Law and Proceedings, International Public Law, International Private Law, Comparative Law, Notarial Law, Financial and Tax Law, Commercial Law, Labour Law, Insurance Law, Customs Law, Civil Law and Civil Legal Proceedings, Criminal Law and Criminal Legal Proceedings

Basic courses.