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Людмила Заграй (Латвийский университет, Латвия). Семантико-этимологическое исследование слов группы «любовь». – In: Languages and Cultures of the Baltic Region: Collection of Papers. Vol. 2. – Rīga: Sociālo tehnoloģiju augstskola (STA), 2007. ISBN 978-9984-39-253-0.


The subject of the article is semantic research of the concept ‘love’. Despite the common origin of Slavic languages, the the concept ‘love’ in them is expressed differently. The article considers various factors that influence semantics of concepts in general and the concept ‘love’ in particular, that is to say, the influence of culture, religion, age and emotional condition. It is possible to prove by means of associative experiment. Associations of the same people vary during the lifetime but we can speak about a set of basic associations of each person, which stay the same.