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Artūras Cechanovičius (Vilnius University, Lithuania). The Ways of Segregation of the Blacks and its Consequences in Richard Wright’s „Native Son”. – In: Languages and Cultures of the Baltic Region: Collection of Papers. Vol. 2. – Rīga: Sociālo tehnoloģiju augstskola (STA), 2007. ISBN 978-9984-39-253-0.


The aim of this report is to analyze Jim Craw Laws and their influence on the blacks’ life and attitude towards themselves in the “White” world. To achieve the aim the author set himself to find out how Jim Craw Laws condition the life of the blacks and how these laws segregate the blacks from the whites. The article also analyzes the attitude of the blacks towards themselves in comparison with their attitude towards the whites and tries to gives the reasons why the commitment of a crime gives weight to the black’s life.