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DegreeProfessional masters degree in entrepreneurial management

Type of studiesFull-time

Duration of studiesFull-time – 2 years
Part-time – 2.5 years

Cost of studiesMonthly instalments in accordance with payment schedule


Obligatory course of lectures
Mathematics for Economists, Business Statistics, Management Economics, Financial and Management Accounting, Economic Analysis, Economic Law, Foreign Language Business Terminology, Advanced Research Methods in Economics and Management, Organisation Theory, Entrepreneurial Environment in the European Union, Advanced Marketing Methods, Social Work Analysis Methods, Financial Management, Project Management, Personnel Management, Systemic Thinking and Strategy Modelling, Strategic Management, Higher School Pedagogy and Methods, Management Psychology

Optional course of lectures
Social Politics and Welfare in the European Union, Entrepreneurial Public Relations, Economic and Competition Law, Risk Analysis and Management, Decision-Making and Problem Solution Technology, Regionalisation of the European Union and Economics of the Baltic States, Investment Calculation Methods, Advanced Entrepreneurial Management Methods, Global Information Languages, Crisis Management, Quality System Management, Integration in the European Union and Current Problems of Macroeconomic Politics, Econometry, Labour Protection

Basic courses.