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International Education Society (IES, London) is

 a non-profit organisation within the international Certificate Project established in 1997;

 the largest centre on certification of educational establishments (at present moment IES has certified over 21000 educational institutions);

 a follow-up organization of the European Union's YOUTH programme. This programme was established under the guidance and with the financial help of PHARE as a collective project of Great Britain, Poland, Ireland and the Czech Republic. The outcome of this research suggested, amongst other things, that one of the main drawbacks was the absence of an international document – certificate – enabling the bearer to achieve better results in job searching in the international and domestic job markets;

 united database of graduates of the certificated educational establishments (a period of data storage – 20 years) which acts in the EU countries, the CIS, the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia;

 the organization continuously cooperating with various chambers of EU (informs on graduates of the certificated educational institutions looking for vacant workplaces in sphere of received education).

Higher School of Social Technologies Ltd
is the only higher educational institution
certified by IES in Latvia