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Study programme

professional bachelors degree


DegreeProfessional Bachelor’s degree

SpecializationProfessional translation – economics, law, psychology


Professional courses
Introduction into the profession, Translation theory and methodology, Practical skills for professional translation, Grammar of the English language (normative, systematic, functional), English language linguistic practice, Phonetics, Hermeneutics, Linguistics, Phraseology, Lexicography, Specialized texts analysis and translation, Special terminology translation practice (economics and law), Written translation of specialized texts (economics + law), Stylistics of the English and native languages, Translation practice (conference, simultaneous, consecutive), Contrastive stylistics of native and English languages

General courses
Developments in the contemporary English language, Legislative principles in the new European context, Principles of jurisprudence in the new European context, Preparation and registration of legal documents, Administrative assistant’s skills

Languages offered
English, Latin, German/ Spanish (second foreign language), Latvian/Russian

Basic courses.