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International Education Society

DegreeProfessional bachelors degree in entrepreneurship

SpecializationEntrepreneurial Economics
Entrepreneurial Management
Service Economics and Management

Type of studiesFull-time

Duration of studiesFull-time – 4 years
Part-time – 4.3 years

Cost of studiesMonthly instalments in accordance with payment schedule


General course of lectures
Principles of European Integration, Fundamentals of Philosophy, History of Latvian Culture, Learning Methods, Fundamentals of Political Science, Social Psychology, Foreign Language, Law Fundamentals, Office Work, Civil Defence, Labour Protection

General theoretic course of lectures
Higher Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computer Technologies, Economic Statistics, History of Economics, Principles of Finances, Business Accounting, Quantitative Methods in Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurial Economics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Professional course of lectures
Business Analysis and Strategy, Mathematical Modelling of Business, Financial Accounting, Use of the Internet in Business, Business Communications, Quality Management Systems, Marketing Management, Marketing, Customs, Taxes and Duties, Production and Service Organisation, Economic Law, Social Guarantees and Insurance, Entrepreneurial Logistics, Entrepreneurial Planning, Management Accountancy

Basic courses.